Plaster Rock Lumber mill

Plaster Rock is a softwood lumber mill in New Brunswick that produces dimension lumber and studs for residential and commercial construction applications. Additionally, by-product softwood chips and biomass are utilized internally at our pulp and cogeneration operations in Edmundston, providing a secure source of SFI® certified wood fiber.

Location:  Plaster Rock, New Brunswick


  • Ideally located to service the Northeast housing market
  • Operations are certified to SFI® fiber sourcing standards in addition to SFI and PEFC™ chain of custody, ensuring wood is originates from well-managed forests
  • Recently completed a $17.6 million dollar modernization, including gasification biomass boiler, two new dry kilns and saw line optimization improvements



Type of Operation

Dimension Mill

Capacity of (MMfbm)


Number of Employees

200 (approx.)

Key Offerings

Random Length SPF-KD

Primary Markets

Housing Construction and Renovation

Lumber Size Capability

Width:     1″ x 3″ through 2″ x 10″
Length:   6′ — 16′


PEFC chain of custody certification
SFI fiber sourcing label certification
SFI chain of custody certification
Heat treating (HT) certification
Wood procurement