DimensionAL and stud lumber available in a variety of sizes and grades.

Our objective is to maximize the value we get from our saw log raw material and provide our customers with high-quality products to meet their needs. Our lumber facility is integrated with our pulp and paper operations, supplying a strategic, secure source of softwood chips and biomass. Additionally, our wood supply is certified to SFI® standards.

Product Category Application
Random #2 & Better Structural Framing or
Structural Joists
  • Trusses
  • Rafter
  • Joists
Studs Stud
  • Walls (Bearing)
Utility & Better Strapping Strapping 1″ Thick
  • Strapping for ceilings
  • Strapping for walls
  • Coverings
#3 & Economy Light Structural Framing
  • General framing
  • Plates
  • Sills
  • Blocking
Chips Lumber By-Product
  • Pulp for papermaking
Sawdust & Shavings Lumber By-Product
  • Raw material for pulp,
    animal bedding, pellets
    and particle boards
Bark Lumber By-Product
  • Fuel source for energy plants

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