Tea Filter

EcoInfuse™ Tea Filter Paper

Our innovative EcoInfuse™ filtration is made with a proprietary blend of abaca-free, wood-based fiber. It is known as a value alternative to abaca papers that are often subject to crop fluctuations and pricing volatility. EcoInfuse™ is made for performance and is compatible with virtually all types of non-heat sealing papers and tea bag packaging equipment. Its unique fiber formulation delivers superior crimping and folding properties to assure reliable formation and quality. As tea bag filter paper suppliers, we are proud that with excellent infusion properties, it is fast becoming the tea filter paper of choice around the globe.

  • Box of Tea Bags
  • Abaca-free tea bag
  • 5 Tea bags and mug
  • Box of Tea Bags
  • Abaca-free tea bag
  • 5 Tea bags and mug


Basis Weights:

EcoInfuse™ Tea Filter
7.5 LB to 10 LB (24 x 36-500)

Our EcoInfuse™ Tea Filter paper is custom designed to meet the needs of individual customers. Please contact us to discuss your specification requirements.


  • Abaca-free/Wood-based
  • Superior crimping and folding
  • Value alternative
  • Optimized for infusion
  • Sustainable choice
  • International compliance


  • Tea bags (non-heat seal)