Edmundston Pulp Mill

The pulp and energy operations at Edmundston are an integral component of the East Papers pulp and paper complex delivering 100% of its bleached softwood sulphite and bleached groundwood pulp to the Madawaska paper mill for the manufacture of specialized packaging, label and publishing papers. A large 38MW biomass cogeneration plant produces electricity that is sold to New Brunswick Power.

Location:  Edmundston, New Brunswick


  • Bleached groundwood capabilities drive high-bright innovation
  • Pulp matches requirements of specialty market focus
  • Use of biomass cogeneration as sustainable energy source
  • Greatly reduced dependence on fossil fuels to minimize carbon footprint



Production Capacity

370,000 tpy

Number of Employees

365 (approx.)

Key Offerings

Bleached magnesium sulphite based and groundwood pulp

Primary Markets

Integrated pulp source for Madawaska paper mill


ISO 14001:2004 certification
SFI Wood Procurement certification
FSC chain-of-custody certification

2009 Energy Sources
(combined with Madawaska)

79% biomass
4% fossil fuel
17% purchased electricity

Additional Capabilities

Biomass cogeneration operation (38 MW)