Community Roots Scholarship Program

Twin Rivers believes in giving back to the community. Our Scholarship Program, Community Roots, is designed to provide scholarships to students entering full-time studies at a designated trade, business or technical school, community college, university, or online degree program.

Ideal Candidates

We are looking to help support your dreams and aspirations – whether you are a quiet community leader, or in the thick of everything, we are most interested in you and your goals for the future. Our goal is to help keep people living and working in our communities, so understanding your future intentions to live and work in the community where you grew up will be important during our consideration of your application.


Applicants must be graduating, have graduated from high school or obtained a GED and be entering your first year of undergraduate post-secondary education. Only children of regular full-time employees of Twin Rivers Paper Company may apply for this scholarship and scholarships are only offered to first year students.

Check back here for application timing for our 2025 program or email us at