For years, Twin Rivers Paper has been considered the choice supplier of lightweight publishing papers for hundreds of high-volume printing applications. Why? We’ve been there since the beginning — and never looked back.

Years ago, Twin Rivers’ scientists developed a proprietary technology that pioneered a new category of paper called Premium Hybrid, the optimal blend of uncoated freesheet and uncoated groundwood fibers. Backed by an outstanding service platform of dedicated, knowledgeable paper professionals, our product development team continues to introduce new products that deliver both excellent performance and value for our customers.

Today, our lineup of lightweight publishing papers provides our customers with a wide variety of basis weights, brightness levels, shade, and PPI ranges. By reducing basis weight without compromising print quality, Twin Rivers’ publishing papers have proven to be an excellent choice for customers creating reference directories, compliance documents, annual reports, and SEC filings.

The industry standard for excellence in printability, runnability, durability, and permanence.

With this foundation of innovation, Twin Rivers continues to develop some of the lightest, best-performing publishing papers in the industry. Engineered for product consistency through our integrated papermaking process, Twin Rivers’ premium hybrid papers effectively bridge the gap between freesheet and groundwood papers.

We take publishing lightly — for nearly three decades!

Face it. When it comes to publishing ROI, every ounce matters. That’s why clients from around the world choose Twin Rivers Paper — superior quality and performance every time.

Take a closer look at our line of uncoated Freesheet papers such as Snowbright Opaque®, Custom Brite®Custom Plus®, and our proven line of Premium Hybrid papers such as Border Brite®Bridge Supreme®, and Frontier Opaque®. Contact us today to learn more!

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All of Twin Rivers’ papers are certified to Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) fiber sourcing program standards. Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) chain of custody (FSC® COO2686), SFI chain of custody (CERT-0090590), and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certfication™ (PEFC™) chain of custody (CERT-0090590) are available upon request.