Entexx® Wipes & Towelette

As manufacturers of wet wipe base paper, we pride ourselves on the exceptional wet strength and performance of this product.  After saturation in soapy or antiseptic solutions and surfactants, Entexx® is used as a disposable, sanitizing wipe or moist towelette. Our paper is compatible with all packaging formats including, canisters, flat packs, and individual foil packets. It is used in healthcare, consumer, and industrial applications. Paper-based wipes are a cost-effective alternative to synthetic non-woven wipes and offer environmental advantages including biodegradability and recyclability.


Basis Weights:

8 LB to 36 LB (24 x 36-500)

Towelette and wipe are custom designed to meet the needs of individual customers. Please contact us to discuss your specification requirements.