EcoBarrier® Plus

A grease-resistant PFAS-free paper known for exceptional stain-hold out in high grease foodservice and food processing applications.

EcoBarrier Plus is an uncoated, non-fluorinated, PFAS-free food packaging paper engineered for heavy grease-resistant applications. Its outstanding stain-holdout and converting performance set industry standards for high-performance in greasy fast food wrapping applications like burger wraps and French fry bags. This fluorochemical-free (FC-free) paper is BPI® Compostability Certified and offered in a range of basis weights and serves as a sustainable OGR option for a wide range of packaging applications in the QSR, food service, fast food markets, and food processing markets. EcoBarrier Plus is available with Ez Release formulation for baking and fatty food applications requiring exceptional release results.

For applications requiring lower grease resistance, take a look at EcoBarrier Choice.

  • Donner Kebab in Sandwich Wrap
  • Donner Kebab in Sandwich Wrap


Basis Weights:

18 LB to 35 LB (24 x 36-500)

EcoBarrier Plus is custom-designed to meet the needs of individual customers. Please contact us to discuss your specification requirements.



  • 100% FC-free, manufactured without the use of fluorochemicals
  • BPI® Compostability Certified
  • Engineered for high grease resistant applications
  • Available with EZ Release formulation for slip easy results
  • Sets industry standards for stain-holdout and converting performance
  • Comparable performance to traditional OGR-designed formulations
  • Formulations available with customized water barrier and food release properties
  • Excellent glueability with aqueous and hot-melt adhesives
  • Offers stability and stiffness when laminated to other substrates
  • Structural integrity optimized for converting and filling efficiency
  • FDA-compliant for direct and indirect food contact
  • Available with post-consumer fiber, wet-strength and fiber certification upon request


  • French fry bags
  • Hash brown bags
  • Sandwich wraps
  • Fast food wrappers
  • Cookie bags
  • Bacon layout paper
  • QSR pouches
  • Tray and pizza liners
  • Deli wraps