Border Brite®

Premium Hybrid publishing paper that bridges the gap between freesheet and groundwood fiber.

Border Brite® is a high bright, uncoated premium hybrid publishing paper made with the optimal blend of softwood and groundwood fiber.  It is an ideal product for customers looking to transition to groundwood-containing paper. Border Brite

Engineered to bridge the gap between freesheet and groundwood papers, this paper is formulated with the optimal pulp blend to enhance printability and runnability. Border Brite offers a range of basis weights and category-leading brightness.

It is a part of a broad portfolio of publishing papers known to deliver publishers and printers options to meet application specific requirements.


  • Value alternative to higher-quality freesheet products
  • 85 brightness
  • Excellent surface and strength characteristics
  • Formulated to minimize reversion
  • Light basis weights provide yield advantage
  • Available in regular finish, manufactured to specific PPI target


  • Financial Printing
  • Catalogs
  • Reference Books
  • Manuals