Acadia® Natural

Acadia Natural delivers an environmentally-friendly aesthetic.

Acadia® Natural is a compostable and recyclable packaging paper. It delivers on brand objectives while offering an environmentally-responsible substrate for food packaging applications such as fast-food sandwich wraps, French fry and carry-out bags, and basket liners. It’s available machine-finished (MF) or machine-glazed (MG).

  • Acadia Natural Bag
  • Acadia Natural Bag


Basis Weights:

8 LB to 50 LB (24 x 36-500)

Acadia® Natural is custom-designed to meet the needs of individual customers. Please contact us to discuss your specification requirements.


  • Natural look supports brand objectives
  • Machine-finished (MF) or machine-glazed (MG)
  • FDA-compliant for direct and indirect food contact
  • Available with grease-resistant properties
  • Recyclable and compostable
  • Excellent printability, runnability and convertibility


  • Fast-food sandwich wraps
  • French fry bags
  • Hash brown pouches
  • Carry-out bags
  • Basket liners