Alliance® TT

Thermal transfer label stock provides superior contrast for bar code applications.

Alliance® TT is a premium thermal transfer label stock engineered with a proprietary coating formulation and smoothness to deliver high-quality image reproduction. A pressure-sensitive face stock, Alliance TT features improved brightness (91) and a blue-white shade that provides superior contrast for bar code readability.

This label paper is designed with high strength properties to deliver performance through printing, laminating, die-cutting and matrix stripping operations. A backside coating imparts curl control and optimizes adhesive holdout and receptivity.

  • Alliance TT Label Application
  • Alliance TT Label Application


Basis Weights:

40 & 42 LB (24 x 36-500)

Alliance® TT is custom designed to meet the needs of individual customers. Please contact us to discuss your specification requirements.


  • Thermal transfer printability
  • Bar code readability
  • High brightness, blue-white shade
  • Receptive to flood coating and flexographic printing
  • Strength for narrow web printing and high speed matrix stripping
  • Functionality as a pressure-sensitive label
  • Compatibility with a range of thermal transfer (TT) ribbons and printers


  • Industrial Bar Code Labels
  • Logistic Bar Code Labels

Printing Methods

  • Thermal Transfer
  • Flexography
  • Flood Coating