specialized products for consumer packaging

Consumer packaging papers are our specialty. We offer a broad array of specialty substrates that support a wide range of form, function, and visual appeal. Whether lightweight coated or uncoated packaging paper used to optimize shelf appeal, tissue-based papers to protect fragile food like fruit, unique fiber formulations for coffee filters and tea bags or high wet strength paper soaked and twisted into heavy yarn-like fiber for shopping bag handles, way make a range of products used in food and non-food based consumer packaging.

Our 20 year legacy of working with converters and packaging customers taught us the value of developing innovative, high-performance papers. Let’s partner and together create a unique paper-based solution.

Common End Applications Product
Multi-wall bags (Petfood, Bird Seed, Pet Litter) Bladepak® Acadia®
Charcoal bags Bladepak® Acadia®
Seed packets Bladepak® / Acadia®
Garden & plant fertilizer & leaf bags Bladepak®
Coffee filters Coffee Filter 
Shopping bag handles Knit Twist