High performing FOOD PACKAGING papers with a range of barrier properties and print surfaces.

Our food service paper products are known for their functionality and versatility. With over 20 years in specialty packaging, we have the experience and technical expertise to deliver packaging papers that exceed your expectations. Our substrates are used in leading fast food and quick serve restaurants across the country and are known for grease resistance, wet strength and light basis weights. Our research and development teams thrive on partnering with end users and converter to co-develop a customized solution.

When you work with us, you can count on prompt, knowledgeable answers to your questions and service you can count on. From our teams in the mills to our technical service representatives in the field, we are committed to learning your business and finding the right paper for your project requirements.

Common End Applications Products
Fast food sandwich wraps Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Waxing/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® Natural/Acadia® EcoBarrier
French fry bags Acadia OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Hash brown pouches Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Cookie bags Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Bagel bags Acadia®/Acadia® Natural
Donut bags Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Breakfast sandwich wraps Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Waxing/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Fast food tray liners Acadia®/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Carry-out bags TR Specialty Bag
Basket liners Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Hot sandwich boxes (clamshell) Bladepak® 
Cold sandwich boxes (clamshell) Bladepak® 
Sugar packets Acadia® Extruding
Artificial sweetener packets Acadia® Extruding
Salt & pepper packets Acadia® Extruding
Bread bags Acadia®/Acadia® Natural/Acadia® EcoBarrier/Deli & Bakery
Chicken bags Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Bladepak™ /Acadia® EcoBarrier
Pizza box liners Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Butcher paper Acadia®/Acadia® Natural/Acadia® Extruding
Freezer paper Acadia®/Acadia® Natural/Acadia® Extruding
Waxing base Acadia® Waxing/Acadia® Natural
Tortilla chip bag Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Deli wraps Acadia® Waxing/Acadia®/Acadia® Natural/Deli & Bakery
Tissue wrap Acadia®/Acadia® Natural
Microwave popcorn bag Acadia® MicroPop
Margarine wrap Acadia® Dairy Wrap/Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Butter wrap Acadia® Dairy Wrap/Acadia® OGR/Acadia® Natural OGR/Acadia® EcoBarrier
Confectionery wrap Acadia® Waxing/Acadia®
Fruit wrap Fruit Wrap