Interleaving is a paper or tissue used as a liner to package and protect precious metals, engraved plates and integrated circuits. Purity is paramount, requiring the paper to be clean and manufactured with a precise pH content. The product offering is extensive, with MG, MF and Creped options, customizable to meet the technical requirements of the application. It can be used with metals, polymers, plastics and glass.


Basis Weights:

10 LB to 32 LB (24 x 36-500)

Interleaving papers are custom designed to meet the needs of individual customers. Please contact us to discuss your specification requirements.


  • Clean paper with precise ph to eliminate corrosion
  • Crepe option increases absorbency and stretch
  • High tensile and tear deliver strength
  • Anti-tarnish and low corrosion properties


  • Interleaver for metal, polymers, plastic and glass