TR Specialty Bag

Delivers excellent convertibility for high-speed retail bag machines.

TR Specialty Bag is a premium, uncoated, machine-finished paper used for retail bag applications. It is known for maintaining stiffness and stability throughout the converting process. With a blue-white shade for superb print contrast, TR Specialty Bag is the optimal paper substrate to make your brand stand out in bag converting applications. Also available in Natural.

  • Retail Pharmaceuitcal Bag
  • Speicalty Retail Bag
  • Retail Pharmaceuitcal Bag
  • Speicalty Retail Bag


Basis Weights:


24 LB to 60 LB (24 x 36-500)





  • Blue-white shade provides excellent print contrast
  • Excellent glueability with aqueous and hot-melt adhesives
  • FDA-compliant for direct and indirect food contact
  • Structural integrity optimized for converting efficiency
  • Available with post-consumer fiber, wet-strength and fiber certification upon request
  • Available in Natural


  • Foodservice bags
  • Pharmacy bags
  • Takeout bags
  • Retail bags
  • Fast food bags