We understand the challenges and complexities Of retail food packaging.

We understand the complexities retail food packagers and brand owners face. With over 20 years in specialty packaging, we have the experience and technical expertise to deliver packaging papers that exceed your expectations. We deliver retail food packaging options with a breadth of portfolio ranging from coated to uncoated, white to natural and incorporating a range of functional properties like wet strength, grease resistance and microwaveability to name a few. Tell us your challenges and we deliver a solution.

When you work with us, you can count on prompt, knowledgeable answers to your questions and excellent service. From our teams in the mills to our technical service representatives in the field, we are committed to learning your business and finding the right paper for your project requirements.


Common end applications Product
Microwave popcorn bags EcoPop®
Theater popcorn bags Bladepak® / EcoBarrier® Plus EcoBarrier® Choice
Standup pouches EcoBarrier® Plus / EcoBarrier® Choice / Bladepak®
Standup bags EcoBarrier® Plus EcoBarrier® Choice / Bladepak®
Cookie bags EcoBarrier® Plus EcoBarrier® Choice / Bladepak®
Chocolate bags Bladepak®
Candy wrappers EcoBarrier® Plus EcoBarrier® Choice
Gum wrappers EcoBarrier® Plus EcoBarrier® Choice
Popsicle wrappers EcoBarrier® Plus EcoBarrier® Choice
Ice cream sandwich wrappers EcoBarrier® Plus / EcoBarrier® Choice / Acadia® Laminating
Sliced cheese interleavers Acadia® Waxing
Packaged cheese interleavers Acadia® Waxing
Patty interleavers Acadia® Waxing
Butcher wrap Acadia® Extruding
Mini-donut bags EcoBarrier® Plus EcoBarrier® Choice / Bladepak®
Cookie bags EcoBarrier® Plus EcoBarrier® Choice / Bladepak®
Potato bags Bladepak® / TR Specialty Bag / Acadia®
Coffee Coffee Filter
Flour, sugar, grain bags TR Specialty Bag