Our papers are engineered for the medical and Pharmaceutical applications.

Made with state-of-the-art quality control processes and traceable manufacturing, our papers are engineered for ultra-light weight applications that demand compliance. Whether is the backing of a blister pack or the packaging used to protect surgical gloves, gauze, bandages and other medical supplies, our papers are used in a variety of applications. Aside from delivering innovation and performance, our substrates serve as a sustainable alternative to plastic, films, foil and nonwovens.

Our operational expertise and capability allow us to offer a range of functionality including high wet strength, porosity, opacity and a range of barrier properties. Additionally, we can offer choices in paper finish:  MF, MG or wet-creped. Our manufacturing teams understand the critical nature of application-specific requirements and manufacture papers that are optimized for processing and other rigorous market requirements. Of course our papers compoly with FDA health and safety standards.

With a multi-mill footprint and flexible assets, we are able to work with healthcare companies to co-develop specialty papers that will advance the category.

Common End Applications Product  
Exam table paper Acadia®/Acadia® Natural/Doctor Roll
Pharmaceutical carry out bags TR Specialty Bag
Pharmaceutical inserts Pharmopaque®/Snowbrite Pharm/PharmBrite 92
Blister packaging backing & sterile packaging Acadia Laminating®/Medical Packaging
Hygiene product & antiseptic wipes Hydroentanglement/Towelette