Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while using our resources efficiently.

Environmental compliance is central to our day-to-day operations. We voluntarily publish our performance data by facility, driving accountability, and providing transparency of information.

Key Facts (legacy Twin Rivers operations)

  • Exceeded 99% compliance across operations in air and water since 1997.
  • Operating well below regulatory air and water limits
  • Implemented strategy to minimize carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • 66% GHG (Green House Gas) reduction in Edmundston and Madawaska since 1990
    • 45% of our electricity comes from self-generated steam
  • 98% of solid residue is diverted from landfills to be used for local composting, land amendment, and energy production
  • Reducing its carbon footprint by continually increasing the amount of energy derived from carbon-neutral energy sources such as biomass and heavy liquor.
    • 82% of the mill’s energy came from carbon-neutral sources
  • Reducing its fossil fuel consumption by 80% since 2006 and our boilers operate oil-free during normal operating days

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