TR Bag Kraft

A Versatile Sack Kraft Performer Known for Strength and Consistency

Bag Kraft is an unbleached, machine-finished sack paper engineered with a proprietary fiber blend known to deliver stiffness, printability and runnability. Optional wet strength ensures performance in moist environments.

  • Bag Kraft


Basis Weights:

40- 78 lb. (lbs./3000 ft2)


  • Fiber furnish enhances strength characteristics to provide durability
  • Clean and smooth surface optimized for printability
  • Product consistency roll to roll, driving converting efficiency
  • Quality control systems designed minimize product variation
  • Available with weight strength
  • Complies with US FDA food contact standards (21 CFR 176.170 & 21 CFR 176.180)
  • Certified to Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Fiber Sourcing standards
  • Available with pre-consumer waste up to 40%


  • Grocery Bags
  • Fruit Bags
  • Vegetable Bags