Bladepak® SR

Delivers excellent converting performance.

Bladepak® SR is a premium, stain-resistant C1S paper for use in packaging non-fatty foods and a variety of consumer and industrial products. It can also be used as a laminating base for hybrid structures. Its strength, crack resistance and enhanced glueability provide optimal yield, excellent converting performance and a finished package that is strong and durable. The surface smoothness and lacquer holdout are ideal for high fidelity printing and vacuum metallizing.

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Basis Weights:

38 LB to 60 LB (24 x 36 – 500)

Bladepak® SR is custom designed to meet the needs of individual customers. Please contact us to discuss your specification requirements.


  • Excellent strength and surface smoothness
  • High brightness and gloss
  • Blue-white shade
  • Crack resistance
  • Enhanced glueability
  • Wet-strength available
  • FDA-compliant for direct food contact
  • PFOA-free fluorochemical


  • Multi-wall pet bags
  • One ply bags
  • Coffee bags
  • Chocolate