Frabrite® 72

Uncoated Hybrid Paper provides quality advantages over 100% mechanical fiber products.

Frabrite® 72 is an uncoated hybrid paper blend that contains a mix of chemically bleached fresheet and mechanically refined groundwood fiber. It is a high bright alternative to traditional groundwood publishing papers. With a considerable amount of freesheet content, it offers enhanced strength, runnability and print performance. Additionally, its light basis weights deliver yield savings due to its bulk and opacity advantage.

Frabrite 72 is a part of a portfolio of publishing papers known to deliver publishers, printers and converters options in the areas of basis weight, brightness and fiber content.


  • 72 brightness
  • Considerable freesheet content
  • Opacity minimizes show through
  • Lightweights provide yield advantage
  • Formulated to minimize reversion


  • Reference Books
  • Catalogs
  • Annual Reports
  • Manuals

Printing Method

  • Offset Lithography