FSTA Launches Buy an Acre Program to Leverage Twin Rivers Pledge

Madawaska, ME (May 31, 2016) – Four Seasons Trail Association (FSTA) announced a Buy an Acre program to gain matching donations for the $45,000 Twin Rivers pledge to purchase the final parcels of land for the organization’s lodge and extensive year-round trail system.

Historically, local landowners gave the FSTA permission to manage trails on their private property.

Mom and daughter using FSTA trails for mountain biking

Riders utilize the extensive FSTA trail system in Madawaska, Maine

Knowing ownership was critical to better serving the community’s needs, the FSTA raised $250,000 in local contributions and grant money over the past eight years to acquire 150 out of the 240-acre parcels of land. Approximately 90 acres remain unpurchased.

“In January, Twin Rivers generously pledge a $45,000 matching contribution to purchase the final parcel of land,” explained John Ezzy, Executive Director of FSTA. “The stipulation of the donation was that we raise the same amount of money through non-governmental sources. Our Buy an Acre program is an important fundraising effort to ensure we capitalize on the pledge and secure the outstanding land.”

The program asks individuals or groups in the community to purchase an acre for $1,000 in a lump sum or installments over five years. A ½ acre is also available for $500.

“Ownership of the land is critical to our objective of providing a community-based recreational facility filled with 15 kilometers of ski, snowshoe, biking and hiking trails that can be used by anyone person of any age with any athletic ability who enjoys being outside,” said FTSA President Colin Jandreau. “We hope to see the community rally behind the Buy an Acre program to complete the final fundraising phase.”

John Reichert, Chief Operating Officer at Twin Rivers, added, “The world-class trail system, facilities and programs the FSTA developed promote a healthier lifestyle and showcase the natural beauty of the St. John River Valley. We are proud to be aligned with such a valuable and accessible community resource.”

For more information about the FSTA Buy an Acre program or to make a donation, visit fourseasonstrail.org. You can also contact Colin Jandreau at (207) 728-4346 or jandreau@roadrunner.com.




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