Our Mission to Regreen and Beautify our Edmundston Community with an Urban Tree Plantation

Leaders from the Edmundston Mill Stand in the newly created urban plantation.

As an active member of the Edmundston community since 1916, we are proud to embrace projects that help to enhance the environment we live in. Our most recent undertaking was the final phase of the forest management project in the heart of downtown.

This modern, urban plantation project was a collaborative community effort to help green the city of Edmundston. Nicholas

Savoie, Superintendent, Fiber Department, at the Twin Rivers Edmundston mill initiated and spearheaded the project, working with business partners from the Madawaska Forest Product Marketing Board and Conrad Lavoie & Fils Ltd.

Located on the site of a former Twin Rivers building, which was demolished in 2018, the 3,000 square meter lot is now home to a total of 328 young trees; 259 white spruce and 69 red oaks.

“I saw the opportunity to both improve our site and benefit the community as a whole. The species selected for planting were specifically chosen because they will adapt well to the urban space and offer many environmental, social, and aesthetic benefits,” said Savoie.

White spruce, a softwood found in all Canadian provinces, is an important species, particularly for pulp and lumber production. In this plantation, the spruce trees will be used for landscaping purposes. With a lifespan of up to 200 years, these trees will see the city of Edmundston evolve for many years to come. The red oak, with its beautifully cut leaves, can also reach impressive heights of around 25 to 30 meters, develop a trunk of more than 1.2 meters in diameter and live 150 years. Its wood can be used for a variety of purposes, including the manufacture of floors and furniture.

Savoie credits the gracious soil donation from Conrad Lavoie & Fils Ltd., and the advice and expertise shared by the Madawaska Forest Products Marketing Board in the success of this project. “The Madawaska Marketing Board provides a variety of services to woodlot owners in the area, including wood marketing, a forestry program, information, and advice on good private forest management practices. The Edmundston mill and the Madawaska Sales Office have maintained important business and collaboration ties for over 50 years,” said Savoie.

This is the second plantation site beautified by Twin Rivers as the company continues to invest in the Edmundston community. In 2019 we completed a plantation on the Madawaska river bank on mill property.  In the past, the company has contributed money to help fund a community amphitheater project and the Méruimticook long-distance trail project.

“This mill has been part of the Edmundston community for over a century and we now employ 290 men and women here so we remain committed to helping to enhance the town we call home,” said Savoie.