Twin Rivers Accepts Responsibility, Pays Fine

Edmundston, NB (December 23, 2015) – Twin Rivers Paper Company Limited has agreed to pay fines to the Government of Canada related to effluent and condensate spills.

“On Friday Twin Rivers agreed to pay a fine of $320,000 for a spill which occurred in September 2013, and waste water approval limit violations in March 2014.  Both were triggered by upset conditions at the Edmundston pulp mill, and were reported to Environment Canada when they occurred. We’re sorry that this happened, and have taken steps to fix the situations that led to these occurrences,” said CEO Tim Lowe.

The fine will largely be paid into Environment Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund.  The funds will be used for the management, conservation and protection of fish and fish habitat in the Upper Saint John River basin and Madawaska watershed(s).

Mr. Lowe concluded, “Let’s be clear.  As employees of Twin Rivers Paper and as citizens, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.  No one likes to be in a position of paying fines, but we fully respect that the government is doing its part in enforcing the Fisheries Act. Twin Rivers will continue to do our part, which means complying with environmental requirements. ”


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