Twin Rivers Paper Company Reports Environmental Improvements

Sustainably harvested tree seedlings South Portland, ME January 31, 2013 Twin Rivers Paper Company, a leader in lightweight specialty packaging, label and publishing papers, announced significant inroads the company has made in environmental improvements. Since 2006, Twin Rivers has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 76 percent and now derives 83 percent of its energy from carbon-neutral sources.

Twin Rivers has beneficially reused 93 percent of its solid process by turning this waste stream into compost, fuel, land applications, and value-added raw materials. The company has also reduced its electrical consumption each year through the installation of variable-speed motors. They installed a system that replaces fresh water with processed water, saving nearly a million gallons of water every day, approximately equivalent to one and a half Olympic size swimming pools. By the end of 2013, the company will complete an initiative to reduce up to 85% of the odor from its Edmundston operations.

“We are tackling environmental projects that minimize our environmental footprint,” says Roland Leger, Manager of the Edmundston Pulp Mill. “We are firmly committed to completing the odor-reduction project by the end of 2013.”

Environmental responsibility plays a large role in shaping Twin Rivers’ operations, products and processes. Its portfolio of sustainable papers is built around fiber certification and recycled content and the company continues to find creative ways for reducing its environmental footprint.


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